Lab Materials Identification Activity

As students begin their study of science in junior high, I like to introduce commonly used lab materials and equipment.  To complete the Lab Materials Identification activity, I set each lab material or piece of equipment on a desk or counter.  Next to it, I place a numbered index card that is labeled with the name of that piece of lab equipment.  Students move throughout the room and copy the name of each piece of lab equipment into their lab notebook.  They also make a drawing so they can easily identify it later.  Below are some of the items I include in the Lab Materials Identification activity:

  • graduated cylinder
  • meterstick
  • beaker
  • triple beam balance
  • microscope
  • microscope slide
  • petri dish
  • stirring rod
  • hot plate
  • dropper
  • test tube
  • spring scale
  • flask

Seeing some of the materials and equipment that will be used helps to build anticipation about experiments that we will be performing throughout the year.  It also makes the students feel like “real” scientists!

Let me know if you plan to try this in your classroom.  Also, feel free to give suggestions for items you would add to the list.

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