Teaching Truth #1: TEACHING TAKES TIME

Over the years, I have had a lot of people mention how nice it would be to have a teacher’s schedule.  People see teachers having summers off and not working on holidays.  Most teachers would tell you that they do appreciate this, too.

I think most teachers would also say that they invest a lot of time throughout the year that many people don’t see.  One thing I have learned during my years of teaching is that teaching takes time.

It takes time to prepare the classroom to begin a new year.

It takes time to identify the unique needs of the students.

It takes time to develop meaningful lessons that will be valuable to learning.

It takes time to contact parents and discuss what is best for a child.

It takes time to grow and learn as a professional by reading, attending workshops, and interacting with other teachers.

It takes time to build positive relationships with students, coworkers, administrators, and school families.

It takes time to gain experience to confidently handle issues that arise in the school and classroom.

Teaching takes time.

Time spent interacting with students in the hallway between classes.

Time spent in the classroom working alongside the students.

Time spent in the evening attending an open house to meet parents or supporting the school’s sports team or music department.

Time spent before and after school preparing lessons and collaborating with other teachers.

Time spent outside the classroom reading about a new strategy that could help one of the students.

Teaching takes time.



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