The monarch caterpillar being observed in our experiment died.

The science lab flopped when the principal came in for my evaluation.

The internet connection was lost.

The copy machine was out of order for a week.

My child was sick so I had to leave school on short notice.

I was sick.

An unexpected fire alarm and evacuation interrupted my planning period.

A guest speaker cancelled on the morning of the presentation.

I have encountered all of these situations at some point in my teaching career.

Things will go wrong sometimes.  I try to have a back-up plan.

I have a collection of science articles set aside just in case my emergency sub is not comfortable presenting the lesson on the periodic table, the digestive system, or whatever may be planned for the day.

I have had the opportunity to teach my students that some experiments don’t turn out how we planned, and we can use the scientific method to find out why.

I have moved ahead to my lesson plan for the next day when the internet, the copy machine, or the fire alarm malfunctions.

I have searched through milkweeds after school to find more monarch caterpillars.  Three to be exact.  Just in case.








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