Good Things #6: Conversations with Former Students

Having a conversation with a former student can be an eye-opening experience. It’s a chance to see what “stuck” with the student – what lessons or activities were memorable, what was liked about my class, what was NOT liked. (And now that they are no longer my students, they usually feel more comfortable sharing these thoughts.)

As a junior high teacher, I have gotten to hear how some of my former students are adjusting during freshman year. I have had a chance to talk to some as they are making some big decisions their senior year. I’ve even ran into a few who have graduated from both high school and college and are now working as adults.

Hearing about the paths they have chosen and the experiences they have had since leaving my classroom are important to me. These conversations are reminders that teachers are given a unique opportunity.  They get to be a part, if even just a very small part, of each student’s journey through school and beyond.


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