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Cardiovascular System SPLAT – Fly Swatter Review Activity

Warning:  Students will be using fly swatters in this activity!

I created the Cardiovascular System SPLAT – Fly Swatter Review Activity to practice vocabulary and concepts during a recent unit on circulation.  The activity consists of questions relating to the heart, blood vessels, and blood.  It was created as a presentation in which students view a slide with a question, the following slide contains two possible answer choices, and the next slide reveals the answer.  This format is used for all 25 questions.  The presentation is projected in the classroom.

Students are divided into two teams.  A desk is placed in the front of the room with two index cards taped on it.  One card represents choice “A” and a second card represents choice “B”.  One student from each team stands on opposite sides of the desk holding a fly swatter down at his/her side. (Be sure that each team has a clear view of the slides being projected.)

This is where the fun and reviewing begin.  The teacher projects the slide containing the first question.  The question can be read aloud by the teacher or students can be required to read the question silently.  When the next slide appears, students read the two options as quickly as possible and attempt to be the first to smack the fly swatter onto the index card which matches the letter of  the correct answer.  The students hold their fly swatters until the next slide reveals the correct answer.  If keeping score, award a point to the team with the fastest, correct SPLAT and call a new member from each team up to the desk.  Points can be tallied to determine a winning team.

Other thoughts:

  • Use fly swatters with plastic handles to ensure the safety of the students.
  • Classrooms with struggling readers may need to adapt this activity.  The teacher could read the two possible answers aloud and then count to three before students are allowed to swat.
  • Instead of teams, students could be randomly chosen to participate.

Feel free to check out my Cardiovascular System SPLAT – Fly Swatter Review Activity and let me know if you try it in your classroom!

Beach Ball Bones

This is an activity I have used in class to practice the bones of the skeletal system.  I bought a beach ball and used a permanent marker to write the scientific names of the bones scattered around on the ball.  Students stand in a circle and toss the ball to one another. The student that catches the ball reads aloud the name of the bone that his/her right thumb is touching.  All the students then practice locating the bone on their bodies.

My students have always enjoyed this activity and it is a quick and fun way to review the bones.  I think this could easily be adapted for using in most subjects and grade levels.  Let me know if you have any suggestions for other ways to use this activity in the classroom!