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M&M Lab Activity

It’s a very simple lab experiment, but a good one.  Place an M&M candy in a shallow dish of water and make your observations. I found this activity on the American Chemical Society website, Inquiry in Action. Students will see how the colored candy shell dissolves and creates a pattern in the water.

There are so many ways that this activity can be differentiated for students.  It is an excellent lab for practicing the scientific method and can be used when discussing physical properties and physical changes.

The M&M Lab is also a great introductory lab for students to use when designing their own experiments.  After completing this lab, students begin to think of additional experiments that could be tested:

  • Does the temperature of the water affect the rate that the candy shell dissolves?
  • Does a frozen candy produce the same results as a candy at room temperature?
  • Does the color of the candy have an effect on the dissolving rate or pattern?
  • What happens when other types of candy are placed in water?

Give your students the opportunity to perform the M&M Lab and see what experiments they can come up with.




Making Hypotheses: Dogs and Turnips Activity

I came across the Dogs and Turnips Activity and knew I wanted to try it with my students during our study of the scientific method.  The purpose of the activity is to allow students to practice forming hypotheses based upon their current knowledge.  Then they make revisions to their hypotheses as they gain more information.

My students loved this activity!  They were interested, challenged, and engaged the whole time.   They also learned that even with all the same information, not everyone reached the same conclusions in the end.  I will be using the Dogs and Turnips Activity with future classes to practice making hypotheses.