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Taped Towers

Taped Towers is a fun, yet challenging, hands-on activity I have used in my classes.   Depending on class size and supplies available, this activity can be completed individually or students can be divided into small groups with 2-3 students per group.

Materials for this activity are minimal and easy to obtain:

  • newspaper (same amount for each group)
  • masking tape (same amount for each group – I use an arm’s length)

After materials are distributed, students are given the challenge:  Build the tallest, free-standing tower, using only the supplies given, in the time provided.

Taped Towers gives students the opportunity to be creative and test new ideas.  It can be used as a team-building activity, an engineering challenge, or a  way to incorporate some fun into the classroom that also encourages students to think in new and different ways.

Grab some newspapers out of the recycling bin and get started!