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Vocabulary Relays

One of the ways students practice vocabulary in my classes is by competing in Vocabulary Relays.  For each team, I make a card for every vocabulary word and a card for each definition.  (Multiple sets can be printed using a computer, and then laminated for future use.)  I mix up the word cards and definition cards, and place them at the end of the gym opposite each relay team.  One member from each team runs to their cards, finds a word card and matching definition card, and brings them back to the team.  This continues until all vocabulary words are matched with a definition.

Other ideas:

  • Give each team a different color of cards (ex. – one team has blue cards, one team has green cards, etc.).  This makes it easier to identify all the words and definitions for each team.
  • During the relays, students can discuss definitions with teammates so they can easily find a match when it is their turn to participate.
  • Incorrect matches can be returned to make a correct match.
  • Announce a different activity for each relay (ex. – running, walking backwards, etc.).
  • Teams could write sentences using each vocabulary word.

Students love getting the opportunity to move around and interact with others during class.   Let me know if you try this activity in your classroom!