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My Attempt at a 15-Minute Commitment

I tried something different this summer.  I decided during the month of July that I would spend 15 minutes each weekday working on my yearly and unit plans for the coming school year.  In the past, I have not made this type of commitment during the summer.  I would occasionally work on planning or check out ideas online that I could use in my classroom, but this was not done consistently.  However, as I continue to read about setting goals and establishing good habits, I thought spending time each day on this was an approach worth trying.

I set my phone timer for 15 minutes and started planning.  I listed the units I wanted to cover for each class during the year and started adding ideas and activities.  When the timer went off, I was done for the day.

I am surprised at the amount of planning that I have been able to do in just 15 minutes.  I think I am even more surprised by the total amount of work I have been able to do.  My hope was that these small bits of work time would lead to a good chunk of planning for the new school year.  It has been painless, but I have to admit that I struggled to get back into this habit after being gone on a vacation for a few days.  I am getting back to my daily planning time.  I know I will be happy when school starts that I have made some progress, but have still been able to have an enjoyable and relaxing summer.